Should I Motorize My Curtains and Shades?

June 10th • 4 min read
Should I Motorize My Curtains and Shades?
Should I Motorize My Curtains and Shades? Should I Motorize My Curtains and Shades?

Program your shades to create the perfect ambiance morning, noon, and night. Set them to open and rise to just the right position in the morning, block out the afternoon sun, and close at sunset. Operate your window treatments with your smartphone, or voice command via your home automation systems such as Alexa or Apple HomeKit.

When to Motorize

You can motorize every window treatment in your home or just certain ones. These are common situations where we often recommend motorizing:

Out of reach windows

motorized shades

You certainly don’t want to get out a step stool every time you need to raise, lower, or open the shades on windows that are out of reach. For that reason, we recommend motorized window treatments on windows that cannot be easily reached. Windows in stairwells, behind the kitchen sink, behind the bathtub, and two-story windows can all benefit from a motorized operating system.

Homeowners who travel frequently

If you are a frequent traveler, consider motorized window treatments — at least on your street-facing windows. A home whose window treatments never move might as well be a written invitation to burglars. Motorized shades can be set to automatically move your window coverings throughout the day, giving the illusion you are home. The remote connect feature allows you to operate your window treatments from anywhere in the world. If you are in London and you know it’s dark back home in Florida, you can close your shades using your mobile device.

Homes with cats

roller shades with cats

If you have a cat or two residing in your home, you inevitably know the terror they can unleash on window treatments. With remotely operated motorized shades, there’s no need to go around the house before you leave opening the curtains and shades with those tempting cords.

Every home has the potential to inspire

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Oh and another thing- when you’re simply pressing a button on your remote, there are no dangling/strangling cords for your pets and children to hurt themselves with. And –your insurance company will love you too!

For an energy efficient home

home with motorized shades

If energy efficiency is a top priority for you, motorization is a must. Motorized window treatments can help with energy savings; lowering during the sunnier and hotter parts of the day and rising during the cooler hours.

For sleep lovers

Window treatments can have a huge impact on sleep quality! Pair blackout draperies or shades with motorization and program them to close at a certain time each night. Use this as your cue to wind down for the evening. Set your window treatments to automatically open with the sunrise or whenever!

bedroom shades

Motorized window shades and draperies/curtains are about more than convenience. They solve a variety of issues and offer safety measures, energy benefits, and create a sophisticated ambiance in your home all day and evening that your friends and family will envy!

Would you like to discuss motorization as an option for your home? We can help you decide if motorized window treatments are a necessary luxury worth investing in for your home, give us a call!


Mary Nolan
WFCP Master

Every home has the potential to inspire

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See what our valued and satisfied clients have to say.