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Shading Systems

Shades come in all styles, shapes, materials and functions, and the convenience and comfort of Automated Motorization is available on most. You can also protect your children and pets from dangerous entangling cords with our Effortless Cordless Lift Operation!

They are available in more varieties of material, colors, function and operational options than you would imagine. These custom-made shades are designed to cure problematic situations while adding style and appeal to your home. As preferred vendors and installers for leading major manufacturers, Custom Window Fashions provides the finest quality, strongest warranties and best pricing for your assurance.

If sophistication, comfort and ease of operation are a priority for your window shading systems, Automated Motorization or Cordless Operation top the list. This is especially true when it applies to your child’s safety, as they remove the need for all hazardous cords. Life is good!

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Honeycomb Cellular Shades

honeycomb cellular shades

Their distinctive horizontal accordion shape make cellular shades far and away the most popular style, and they are fire resistant as well! Available in a wide variety of colors and specialty fabrics, Cell Shades are featured in various opacity levels: soft semi sheers, light filtering translucent, and light blocking room darkeners.

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Cellular shades vary in cell size to conform to any size or shape window while offering single and double cell thickness to accommodate your energy saving, UV protection, and light control preferences.

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Natural Woven Fiber Shades

woven fiber shades

For everyone wanting to be in touch with nature, this product group is a must. With a casual yet distinctive look that radiates warmth and comfort, natural woven shades are made by weaving real wood strips or natural grass reeds in horizontal or vertical patterns to form a variety of window coverings. The wide selection of natural materials, colors and textures allow ideal design choices to complement your personal taste and preferred décor.

The elegance and natural beauty of woven shades made with woven woods or grasses project a casual style and a bold statement at the same time with their truly unique appearance. Available in over 100 styles, our materials are hand selected exotic woods, reeds, grasses and woven blends. Natural fibers are strong, pliable and resilient, providing years of reliable performance and visual appeal.

Flexibility of Natural Woven Shades

Designed to accommodate nearly any size or shape opening, these specialty window treatments are offered as roman shades, vertical draperies and sliding panel dividers as well as decorative complementing cornices and valances. As Vertical Draperies, woven woods are rotated in a vertical direction. They can be hung on decorative poles with grommets or rings, or fed on to a sliding track to cover a slider or any wide opening with ease.

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Solar Roller Screen Shades – Indoor / Outdoor

screen shade

Sun Glare Protection at its Best! Block the Sun, Not the View with solar roller window shading systems. Like sunglasses for your indoor windows, porch, patio, or lanai, your Custom Window Fashions solar shades will always provide comfort and relief to you and your guests.

Trending toward Contemporary sensibilities, solar shades complement and protect any decor and environment. Meant to block the great majority of the sun’s harmful UV rays, solar shades allow the view of the outside to be seen in varying clarity depending upon the degree of openness in the weave of your chosen material. Constructed on rugged roller bearing rod shades easily raise and lower quickly – always performing flawlessly- Especially if MOTORIZED.

Custom Solar shades are available in a wide selection of designer woven materials, varying in levels of sun blockage without loss of view. Designer fabrics are available in attractive colors and textures assuring complementary compatibility with any decor. Solar shades are functionally tough and visually appealing, designed to PROTECT under the intense rays of the hot Florida sun- even OUTDOORS.

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Soft Sheered Shades

soft sheer shades

An elegant play on light rays and intimacy, soft sheered shades are popularly known by such brands as Silhouettes, Viennas, Shangrilas or Luminettes, Ado Wraps and Sheer Radiance depending on their horizontal or vertical orientation, respectively.

Elegantly structured, like blinds with soft fabric vanes suspended from beautiful sheer fabric, sheered horizontal shades tilt to let you choose the exact amount of light or privacy that you prefer. These sheered shades permit filtered natural light to flow into a room, creating a warm inviting atmosphere, while allowing a softened view of the outside or intimate privacy.

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Sheered Verticals, the perfect complement to horizontals, are best suited for sliders, patio doors or any window whose width is significantly wider than its height. Structured like vertical blinds, but with 3′ fabric vanes covered with beautiful sheer fabric overlay, sheered verticals provide an elegant softened outside view which can easily be adjusted for privacy and light control.

Lift systems for all Shading Systems

Available in: Continuous Cord Loop, Automated Motorization and child safety Cordless. Ask your Custom Window Fashions consultant for her best advice on your shade lift system

Automated Motorization

Motorized opening and closing is a necessity for huge windows or outdoor Patios/Lanais. We can provide the ultimate in comfort and convenience with custom designed window shading systems. Call us today for a gorgeous solution to your hot, blinding sun discomfort.

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